Swampy Mtn

It’s a Swampy Mountain High

March 11, 2014 | Category: Beer Tapping Collaboration

We don’t collaborate often, but when we do it’s with great friends.

This time, it was with our friends from Twisted Pine Brewing Company in Boulder, Co. and we’ll be rocking a two part American Saison collaboration using malts and hops grown in Colorado.

The idea to get together on a beer came about while drinking Saison du Swamp at GABF out in Denver. The saisons were flowing so freely that the talk about brewing something similar just so happened to make its way into the conversation. A few months later, here we are with our two part Farmhouse IPA, Swampy Mountain High.

We always love to use unique, home field ingredients whenever we brew with a friend from far away. This time, Crystal and Nugget hops grown right in Twisted Pine’s home state of Colorado were used in the brew to provide the up front, in your face hop profile that we were looking for. For us to throw a little of Swamp Head’s Florida roots in the mix we used a pile of homegrown cane sugar to give Swampy Mountain High its clean, dry finish.

The outcome was a clean, hop forward Farmhouse IPA that we are proud to be a part of.

Just as exciting as the beer itself, is… THE RELEASE PARTIES! For this cross country collab, we’ll have a two state release that will build up to Colorado Craft Beer Week’s Collaboration Fest and the Craft Brewer’s Conference, both in Denver. We’ll start off with a tapping at The Wetlands on March 12th for the Florida Release, with the beer going out into distribution in Swamp Head’s Florida territory shortly after that.

The Colorado Release will begin with one of the biggest events of Colorado Beer Week, the Collaboration Fest, on March 22nd and culminate with a bunch of tappings surrounding the Craft Brewer’s Conference in Denver in April. More info on all of this to come.

It’s been a blast brewing this beer and will be surreal being a part of one of the nation’s biggest beer weeks… So, come into The Wetlands and celebrate with us next week!!!

RSVP to the Florida Release tapping at The Wetlands on Wednesday, March 12th, 2014.