Halfway There: The Gateway Festival

Any given weekend in America, there is a beer festival, a craft beer week or a glorious conglomeration of brewers delighting costumers in a craft beer flavor assault. Some how, some where, this is happening as you...Continue reading

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Southern Brewing Hosts Epilepsy Services Foundation Fundraiser

TAMPA, FL -- Southern Brewing & Winemaking (Southern) is hosting the 3rd Annual ESF SeptemBEERfest in their biergarten on September 27th, 2014. This is the third year in a row that the festival has taken place at Southern. This beer festival, which features beers... Continue Reading


Five Facts About Craft Beer Northeast Florida

By: PATRICK DONGES of WJCT News With news that a national craft brewing organization chose Jacksonville for it's next annual convention, we've compiled this list of five little known facts about the region's burgeoning craft beer scene. 1. Jacksonville's Intuition Ale... Continue Reading


Lion and Eagle Present Black Beers and Black Metal

Lion and Eagle one of our favorite local spots is known for always having a great line-up of local beers. Well, this Saturday they're not messing around with a night of (please read in Monster Truck Announcer Voice) BLACK BEERS AND BLACK METAL! They will be featuring a... Continue Reading

Whats happening

Tequesta Brewing

287 S. US Highway 1
Tequesta, FL, 33469
Using only the finest ingredients and processes Tequesta Brewing produces world class beers. From Der Chancellor, their...
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