Homebrewer Immortalizes Hobby in Craft Beer Accessories

February 27, 2014 | Category: Uncategorized

Bin52 by cindymadewhat is a new Etsy shop that features jewelry, key chains, and other accessories that contain real beer brewing ingredients. Cindy Lyons, a home brewer and craft beer lover in the Tampa Bay area, started the shop last October after a personal handmade piece caught the eye of several other brewers in the craft beer scene.

The shop contains items such as cufflinks with hop leaves, keychains packed full of grains, and pendant necklaces that contain ingredients for real beer recipes. The most popular item in bin52 is the Hop Queen Necklace, which showcases a full hop flower suspended in resin and accented by hop pellet dust.

“There are a lot of novelty beer accessories out there, but they are mainly aimed toward the silly, drunken side of enjoying beer,” stated Lyons. “There are few pieces that highlight the true beauty of craft beer – and that’s what I aim to capture with my pieces. Hops leaves and malted grain are interesting and downright attractive parts of nature, and my jewelry is simple, eye-catching, and captures the very essence of beer brewing.”

For now, the pieces are only available online through the bin52 Etsy shop, but that hasn’t stopped them from being worn by beer lovers around the world. Bin52 pieces have been shipped to states across the US, Canada, the UK, and even Australia.

“Homebrewing is one of those hobbies that is prominent in your every day life,” stated Lyons. “It’s this amazing community of people that share an intense passion for creativity and innovation. If you aren’t making beer, you’re drinking beer you’ve already made, or trying someone else’s. It’s a daily activity. It’s a source of pride that you want to wear and show off and share with the world. That’s what these pieces were designed for – to let craft beer lovers wear their hobby close to their hearts.”

Accessories from bin52 have been worn by popular craft beer social personalities Ashley Rouston aka The Beer Wench, and Carla Companion aka the Beer Babe.

For more information, visit or reach out to @cindymadewhat on Twitter or Instagram.