Brew up a Biergarten

February 25, 2014 | Category: Activities

Engine 15 Brewing Company in Jacksonville was chosen to be a part of One Spark, the World’s Crowdfunding Festival.   One Spark is built on the premise that great creations can come from garages, small studios, dorm rooms even breweries.  The only thing that holds them back is access to capital and resources.   Engine 15 is in the midst of an expansion to add a production facility.   With the new location, they are hoping to create a water recovery system from the water used to cool the boiling wort.  This water – and potentially rain water collected on the roof – could be used to clean equipment, flush toilets and water the biergarten.  Once created, they’d like to share this system with other breweries around the country to help use perfectly good water before it goes back into the treatment system.

Live in the Jacksonville area?   Check out One Spark and help Engine 15 Brewing Company ’Brew up a Biergarten’ 1)Crowdfund: collect votes from attendees that translate into a percentage of the $200,000 crowdfund distributed solely by popular vote, 2)Category Award: Get the most votes in category and collect an extra $10,000, 3)Juried Awards: Juries of subject matter experts in each category select their favorite Project to receive a $10,000 award, 4)Individual Contributions: The Creator Project that receives the most individual contributions through the One Spark site/app will receive an additional $10,000 award, 5)Capital Investments: Connects with up to $3,250,000 in potential investments through official One Spark partners and independent investors.