Tequesta Brewing Company Kicks off their 2nd Annual Hop Week!

September 16, 2013 | Category: Uncategorized

Hop WeekFor the second year in a row, the hop masterminds of Tequesta Brewing are celebrating lupulin in all it’s glory for a week long celebration. For the Week of September 23rd, starting on Tuesday, they will be offering up a different hop-concoction each day for your enjoyment. These aren’t just regular hops but FRESH, JUICY hops which were overnighted straight from harvest. Once a year, the hop growers harvest their hops and dry most of them for use throughout the year. Only a chosen few are thrown directly into the kettle to release all of those subtle, sticky, fresh, earthy flavors and this week, you’ll get to try a whole mess of beers who are blessed with these fresh nuggets. The following is the tap list:

Tuesday, September 24:

  • Enter the Dragon—“We kick hop week off with the release of Red Dragon Imperial Red Ale. To ensure this exemplifies hop week, we used 10 pounds of Chinook Wet hops.”
  • 5 p.m. Cask tapped by a Barley Doll, Gnarly Barley with Minnesota Oak and fresh raspberries.

Wednesday, September 25:

  • Double IPA hits the taps at noon—“100IBU’s of pure hop bliss with wet Cascade and Simcoe hops abound.”
  • 3pm Cask tapping of Double IPA with Centennial wet hops.

Thursday, September 26:

  • Belgian wet-hopped Barley Wine aged on Hungarian Oak and Centennial wet hops.
  • Gnarly storm hitting at 5 p.m.: Dueling casks of Gnarly, one with wet Cascade hops and one with dry Cascade hops.
  • Randall Alert: “The legendary hop infusing contraption will be stuffed with TBD hops.”

Friday, September 27:

  • “Black Friday! Black IPA hits the taps, brewed with wet Simcoe and Cascade hops.”
  • 5 p.m. Cask tapping of Black IPA aged on Hungarian Oak with Simcoe and Galaxy hops.

Saturday, September 28:

  • English Double IPA fermented on Simcoe and Cascade wet hops.
  • 2 p.m. Cask tapping of dueling Dragons: One Red Dragon aged on Mosaic wet hops, the other aged on Citra wet hops.
  • Randall Alert: Making its regular Saturday appearance, “the legendary hop infusing contraption will be stuffed with TBD hops.”

Sunday, September 29:

  • “Last but not least, German Alt dry hopped with Tettnang and Saaz hits the taps.”
  • 1 p.m. Cask tapping of Double IPA aged on Mosaic and Citra wet hops.
  • Don’t miss out on all this deliciousness, Hopheads REJOICE!