Green Room Bottles “Secret Spot”

June 5, 2014 | Category: Anniversary Beer Release

To celebrate their anniversary each year Green Room Brewing of Jax Beach Florida brews and bottles a limited release beer called “Secret Spot.” Each year, the bottle has a new design and a new batch of this delicious dark 9% beer.

What is it? An Imperial Stout, of course but not just any Imperial Stout. For their first year, it was aged in Makers Mark Whiskey Barrels. For year two, it was aged in Rum Barrels. For this, their third anniversary, it has been aging in Wild Turkey Whiskey Barrels. Plus they will also be tapping fresh Secret Spot aged on Oak in their tasting room for the occasion.

The bottle release and celebration will be taking place on June 14th and will surely be a great time to visit Green Room to grab a bottle and join them for a beer. Congratulations to these guys on 3 years, we are sure there are many more in their future.

For more information visit Green Room’s Website at