Coppertail Releases Label Designs Sneak Peak

July 3, 2014 | Category: Labels

Coppertail Brewing out of Tampa is about to get rolling, brewing up their first batches of beer. In edition to the beer, they are working get their branding together. Coppertail has been working with artist Evan B. Harris to start designing their bottle labels.

They have released a glimpse into what they are working on and we think it’s looking pretty awesome and unique if we do say so ourselves.

Coppertail released the following statement on their blog:

We aim to create labels that stand out from the others on the shelf.  We really don’t care if they appeal to everyone’s artistic taste as long as they look unique and distinctive.  We wanted to find an independent artist who could create artwork that would complement the hand-crafted and off-beat nature of the liquid inside.  We found exactly what we were looking for and more when we linked up with artist, Evan B. Harris.

Instead of just illustrating what we’ve dictated to him, Evan has become a true collaborator on the visual identity of our beer.  Plus, he’s been great fun to work with.  We contact him with an idea like, “Our Trippel is a little too easy to drink and high alcohol, so we call it Unholy Trippel.  Can you create something for that?”

For more designs visit, Coppertail’s Website.