Local Brewery Serves Flavor and Innovation

November 10, 2014 | Category: Brewery Opening

By: Casey Feindt of


Beer lovers everywhere, rejoice! GrassLands Brewing Company is setting up shop right here in Tallahassee.

With only a select number of local breweries, the opening of GrassLands will help cultivate the local craft-beer scene here in the capital city, as well as provide a new hangout for beer aficionados and college students alike.

Their slogan, “Earth First Ales,” represents their personal philosophy of environmentalism, sustainable energy and conservationism. By incorporating local and organic ingredients as often as possible, GrassLands aims to not only make good beers but make a difference while doing so.

GrassLands began with a man and a dream. That man is Gabe Grass, the president and head brewer. Grass began brewing beer in his house after receiving a brew kit as a Christmas gift.

“Every home-brewer out there gets told at one point or another that they could sell their beer and should start a brewery. Most of those who take the suggestion seriously take a look at the financial undertaking required to start a brewery and say, ‘I think I’ll keep my day job and continue home-brewing on the weekends’” Grass said. “I’m one of those crazy few on the fringe who decided to follow the dream”.

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