Knights of the Barleywine at Swamp Head

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Dec 28, 2013 10:00 AM


Dec 28, 2013 10:00 AM


Swamp Head Brewery
3140 SW 42nd Way, Florida 32608

Hello Knights of the Barleywine,
We are getting excited about the 2013 Knights of the Barleywine event and brew session here at Swamp Head. Last year’s event was a lot of fun and bonding, as we all got together and brought our tastiest Barleywine ideas to life in the Swamp Head parking lot. If you are brave enough to become a Knight of the Barleywine, here is what you will need to know:
This year the Knights of the Barleywine event will be a ticketed, pre-registered event with registration available here: There will be 20 slots available with the option for each person to purchase either 5.5 gallons ($35) or 11 gallons ($70) of wort. Once these 20 spots are filled we will not be opening up the event for more participants. Clarification on wort purchased: If you purchase 5.5 gallons of wort, you will be given 6 gallons of wort so that you will reach 5.5 galons at ~1.1 SG after boil. If you purchase 11 gallons you will receive 12 gallons so that you can boil down to 11 gallons at ~1.1 SG. You will need to print your ticket and bring it with you in order to enter the event and receive your wort.
Please note that THE CONSUMPTION OF SWAMP HEAD BEER IN THE PARKING LOT WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. You will be permitted to drink your own beers inside the designated, roped off area. You will also be able to come in and buy Swamp Head beer in the tasting room starting at 1pm, but you cannot consume it outside the brewery.
Setup will begin at 10am for registered Knights of the Barleywine participants and you will need to have everything set up and be ready to brew by 11am. Each person will have their own clearly marked, designated space, which will be shown to you upon your arrival. Brewing must take place in your designated space.
Swamp Head will provide: The amount of wort purchased, a system for chilling your wort, water and electrical hookups. Brewers will need: A boil kettle, burner/propane, hops, yeast, any secret ingredients of your choosing and a carboy for fermentation of your beer. If you plan on using specialty malts in your beer you can steep them into your wort before boiling.
You will be able to receive your wort starting at 11am and will receive either 5.5 gallons or 11 gallons, depending on what you paid for upon registration. We will begin offering knockout on our system (exact equipment to be determined at a later date) at 12:30pm. You are welcome to knockout using your own system/equipment if you would like to. A pizza lunch will be provided at 12pm.
Swamp Head beer will be available for purchase starting at 1pm but will not be able to be brought into the parking lot.
Please keep in mind that you will be brewing and therefore will be handling hot liquids and equipment. We will not allow intoxication during this event. Please keep your drinking to a minimum while brewing so that we do not have any incidents. We truly want to continue doing this event each year, but will be unable to do so if someone gets hurt while brewing. Tentative Event Schedule for Saturday, December 28th 2013: 10:00AM - 11:00AM        Brewer Setup/Sign In 11:00AM - ?                   Brewers will receive their wort, start to boil 12:30PM                        Begin knockout
1:00PM - 8:00PM           Swamp Head tasting room operating hours 7:00                               Dinner, After Party at Marriott Residence Inn Please email with questions pertaining to the brewing portion of this event that will be held at Swamp Head Brewery. The Knights of the Barleywine Afterparty put on by The Hogtown Brewers In the evening the festivities will move down the street to the Marriott Residence Inn where Knights will feast on dinner and drink Barleywines around the outdoor fire pit, or indoor fire place if the weather does not cooperate. The beautiful suites at the Marriott are being offered at special rates; studio $89, One bedroom $99, and two bedroom for $109 per night. These rates are available for Friday and Saturday nights. Make your reservations with the hotel at 352-264-0000 and reference the Swamp Head group.
Dinner will consist of a variety of grilled meats and fish, and side dishes/desserts provided by participants in lieu of the $10 per person charge for dinner. We will be sending an e-mail to participants after registration closes, to determine how many people will be attending the dinner/barleywine event, and who will be bringing food in lieu of the dinner fee. Dinner fees will be collected the day of the event.
Please email with any questions about the Knights of the Barleywine Afterparty.
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