Accomplice Brewery & Ciderworks


Matt Stetson, Senior Warden

Matt began his career in the alcohol beverage world as a Sommelier working for a grocery store chain in South Florida. From there, he went to work for a series of beverage distribution companies in the prestigious Palm Beach Island and surrounding area.

Enter today: a combination of factors including his passion for the beverage industry, his personal interest and love for the craft beer world, his intense desire and experience to create, and a good dose of raw fate have led to the creation of The Accomplice Brewery. The Accomplice presents the chance to create not only beer, but also sake, mead, cider, wine, sodas and many other beverages.

Felonice Merriman, Senior Warden

Before meeting Matt in 2013, Felonice had never stepped foot into a brewery before. Being a fast learner though, she quickly appreciated his passion for craft beer and wine. She also has contributed to his creative repertoire and is key in developing new recipe ideas. Over three years ago, She was diagnosed with Celiac disease and for medical reasons, can not ingest gluten or wheat products. This inspired Matt to create beverages that she can enjoy. Together they have become partners in crime, taking road trips to other breweries, enjoying good food and wine, or taking in the sights. Felonice uses her knowledge of business, design, marketing and advertising at the brewery keeping Accomplice’s website and Facebook page current or working on the latest design ideas.


  • ephemeral_5-29

    Ephemeral Series Release at Swamp Head

    Gainesville, Florida

    Each week on Tuesday at 4pm at The Wetlands we tap a new beer in our Ephemeral Release series. Ephemeral means short-lived, and explains the fact that these beers are, by nature, only around for a...

  • color_logo

    Special Growler Release at Funky Buddha

    Oakland Park, Florida

    Every Tuesday, Funky Buddha Brewery releases a special 32 oz. Growler at 7pm on the dot. Check their website: http://www.funkybuddhabrewery.com for details on their next release.